Photoes of art insert bioethanol fireplaces:

Easy Fire,Wisdom Flame,Healthy Warm!

Automatic insert bioethanol fireplace AF66

– Use only in rooms of minimum 25 m2

– Dimensions: 66.0 / 24 / 11.3 cm

– Insert Hole Mini Size: 64.5/ 22.5/ 15.0cm

bioethanol fireplace AF66 DATAautomatic-ethanol-fireplace-insert-china-AF66-270x270

Automatic insert bioethanol fireplace AF100

– Use only in rooms of minimum 30 m2

– Dimensions: 100 / 24 / 12.3 cm

– Insert Hole Mini Size: 98.5 / 22.5 / 15.0cm

bioethanol-fireplace-insert-AF100-270x270bioethanol fireplace AF100 DATA

Automatic insert bioethanol fireplace AF120

– Use only in rooms of minimum 35 m2

– Dimensions: 120 / 24 / 21.3 cm

– Insert Hole Mini Size: 118.5 / 22.5/ 25.0cm

china-bioethanol-fireplace-AF120-270x270bioethanol fireplace AF120 DATA

Automatic insert bioethanol fireplace AF150

– Use only in rooms of minimum 40 m2

– Dimensions: 150 / 24 / 21.3 cm

– Insert Hole Mini Size: 148.5 / 22.5 / 25.0cm

insert-ethanol-fireplace-china-270x270bioethanol fireplace AF150 DATA

Automatic insert bioethanol fireplace AF180

– Use only in rooms of minimum 45 m2

– Dimensions: 180 / 24 / 21.3 cm

– Insert Hole Mini Size: 177.5 / 22.5 / 25.0cm

china-ethanol-fireplace-insert-AF1802-270x270bioethanol fireplace AF180 DATA

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art Bioethanol fireplace insert Model

Intelligent fireplace standard or optional functions :

1. Indoor temperature of 50 degrees high temperature alarm, shutdown,

2. Panel temperature exceeds 90-100 degrees automatically shut down,

3. No noise, no discharge, high-energy ignition head,

Low noise & low power consumption long life and high insulation custom fuel pump

4. Fuel tank automatic low water level detection, lack of fuel shutdown protection,

5. Automatically add fuel, fuel is full then stop automatic filling,

6. CO2 alarm protection, automatic stop the pump working (optional)

7. CO2 external LCD panel control, ventilation control, fresh air ventilation (optional)

Automatic Combustion pool water level control by computer , anti-overflow protection

8. The whole computer data monitoring,

9. Remote Control 20-50 meters remote control open, close,

10. Machine comes with switches, fuses, ground fault protection short circuit protection

ethanol fireplace ventless insert AF150

Ethanol Fireplace is an environmentally friendly fashion emission-free fireplace [Production can be customized ]

Because fireplace fuel combustion smokeless, odorless, non-toxic and does not require any utilities (wood, gas, coal, electricity) aspects of the fuel supply,

This makes it suitable for any architectural environment (Hall, hotels, villas, apartments, offices, residential and other environments). Because it uses a renewable fuel modern energy (ethanol), clean burning, so it is almost maintenance-free.

Meanwhile fireplace has significant design flexibility, its design style more in line with the consumer fireplace function and appearance of individual needs.

Fireplace future home will be more safe, environmental protection, human, fashion, and with the awareness of home furnishings and romantic life, the pursuit of continuous improvement, home fireplace also bound into the public families. Become the future home decoration romantic, warm an important element.

Because Your Fire Is Unique & Special

project of art automatic ethanol fireplace inserts

insert bioethanol fireplace AF66

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