You’ve never had as much freedom with a fireplace until now. With Art Fireplace,There is no flue or vent dictating the terms of where your future fireplace can be installed – nor do you need to make custom adjustments to your home. The ethanol fires require little / no installation and can easily be moved as you change your interior decor.

The new range of fireplaces are fuelled by bioethanol, a renewable energy source. As a result of the fuel, the fireplaces require no flue. While burning, the fireplaces produce a small amount of CO and water while heating the space. The average heatoutput is around 2-3 kW per hour, which is enough to heat a space of 20-50 sq. metre. Unlike woodburning stoves, no soot or ash is emitted from an ethanol fireplace.

Depending on the model, ethanol fireplaces burn anywhere between 1-10 hours. The burningtime depends on several factors, among the most important are flame size and fuel capacity. To give you an idea of the running cost, an ethanol fireplace from Vauni cost roughly £1 per hour to fuel. That’s the same as wood, without the hassle of cleaning and handling logs.

Ethanol for a fireplace comes in two different types: gel or liquid. Gel burns with a blue flame and liquid with a yellow flame. Some believe the yellow flame appears warmer and more like a traditional fireplace.Art fireplace design with Liquid ethanol flame.The electronic pump pumps ethanol from the ethanol tank into the ethanol tray.So the ethanol burns with super unregular flames.

Since ethanol fireplaces emit no smoke and are much cleaner than traditional fireplaces, they need not be vented. This allows designers to be much more creative with these fireplaces. They are also portable which means they may be moved from room to room, if desired. They may also be taken from one home to another.

The only things emitted from ethanol fireplaces are steam, carbon dioxide, water, and heat. The carbon dioxide emitted is typically in very low amounts, but still should be monitored for safety. Ethanol fireplaces burn denatured ethanol which comes from forestry and agricultural sources. These are renewable sources which is what makes the ethanol fireplace so environmentally friendly.

Another benefit of ethanol fireplaces is the wide variety of design choices. These super design ethanol fires are very beautiful and can be used to create a stunning focal point in a home.

Design Your Dream Fireplace
It’s easy. With art burners you can design the fireplace of your dreams.
Simply find the desired stone, iron or non flammable material for your fireplace. Select the burner size, and you’re good to go. We will make sure that your installation lives up to our safety guidelines and end up looking beautiful.

Automatic Bioethanol fireplace insert Model

How are Art ethanol fires different?