There is a growing trend among homeowners to go eco-friendly. You can see by how popular solar power has been getting. In any neighborhood, you can see some homeowners have installed solar panels on their roofs. Another trend is clean burning fuel. Many cities have banned the construction of wood burning fireplaces in new home constructions because burning wood pollutes the environment with smoke, ash and soot. The standard is gas fireplaces. However, gas is not renewable fuel. Burning it does emit enough carbon to make a footprint in our environment. So, homeowners continue find ways to live in an environmentally responsible manner. The do not want to give up the cozy and magical feeling of sitting by the warm glow of a fireplace. Then, scientists tested ethanol as a viable fuel that can replace gas. We have seen it done in the auto industry up to a certain level. The transition has moved into fireplaces. Ethanol fireplaces are catching on in popularity in the home industry.

An ethanol fireplace does not require the construction of any flues or chimneys. The fuel burns cleanly, with no residue like ash or soot. It does not even produce smoke. Ethanol is a liquid fuel that is made from plant matter, like corn and grass, and crops that usually become feed for the livestock.

An ethanol fireplace uses a burner which contains the fuel. When the fuel is ignited, you get a warm flame that can heat up a room in no time. Because there is no flue and chimney that lead out to the open air, the heat generated from the ethanol burner goes to heating up the room. The heat does not escape like how heat from a gas flame escapes.

When you burn ethanol, you get a warm burn, without any smokiness in the environment. The ethanol burner is a self-containing unit. It does not have to be connected to any external source of power, like a gas line. The fuel is in the burner.

Ethanol burners come in various sizes and shapes depending on the style of your ethanol fireplace. you can have a small burner if your fireplace is installed in a small corner of a room, or if you have an ethanol burner that is a standalone If you have an ethanol fireplace that takes up the whole wall, you may need several burners to create the flame effect that you want.

Ethanol burners are designed to burn efficiently. Many models have a self-regulated system so that so that fuel costs can be controlled. Home designers who are building eco-friendly houses have amazing design ideas on using the ethanol burners to create fire places that are masterpieces.

Ethanol burners can be arranged in a ring to produce a ring of fire effect. They can be place in multi levels to create a truly amazing effective. Because each burner can be freestanding, there is no limit to how you can use the burners.

Ethanol burners are low maintenance. Compare that to what you have to do every year in maintaining your gas fireplace. You have to clean around the gas log. You have to get your chimney checked for cracks and flaws. The chimney needs to be cleaned and swept every year. This means hiring a special chimney sweeping service.

With ethanol fireplaces, you do not have any of them. There are no chimneys to sweep. All you get is a clean burn. The burner can be cleaned on the surface to clear it of dust.

Do not let the size of some burners that are ethanol fool you. The flames can gentle warm up a room in no time.

The shapes of ethanol burners can be round, rectangular, or square. It all depends on the designer of the fireplace and the look that he is trying to achieve for you.

You can use small ethanol burners to make stand along spot lighting. around the home. Because the burner does not have to be attached to anything, you can put the burner anywhere. Add a fireplace in the master bedroom. You can make a recessed area in a wall space and mount your ethanol fireplace in it.

You can be creative and make a room divider with several rectangular ethanol burners and a fireplace insert that is about waist high. This stylish structure can become the focal point in the large space.

Burners should be constructed from high quality stainless steel. Well made burners should last a lifetime.

Having a fireplace that burns ethanol can be a good selling point for the house if ever you decide to move. Ethanol is a cheaper fuel than gas. A fireplace that burns ethanol will cost less to operate than a gas fireplace. Over the years, the homeowner can save a significant amount of money in home fuel cost. Add that to the fact that an ethanol fireplace is virtually maintenance free. There is no hassle with the chimney. Who would not to save time in home maintenance?

If you want fireplace ideas, look at the pictures that you can find online of ethanol fireplaces in designer homes. You will find that they are some of the most elegant that you have every seen. Every fireplace seems to be a work of art. Art fireplace like that can be yours at a very reasonable cost. There is little construction required. At the most, a space is made in the wall to accommodate a fireplace that is flush with the wall. Freestanding units are even easier to install.

Indulge in the warm glow of art fireplace any where in the house. Who says art fireplace cannot be in the bathroom? A warm bath by the glow of art fireplace is a great way to unwind after a long day. Install a fireplace in your bedroom for that extra touch of coziness.

If you want to improve your standard of living, look into adding ethanol fireplaces in your home. You will sure to enjoy all the benefits that they provide.

The Benefits Of An Eco-Friendly Ethanol Fireplace